Go Love

A Movement in South Thailand

The goal of Go Love Global has always been to begin movements in least reached places. As ministry started in South Thailand, we began by putting the structure in place to realize the goal of a movement.

This involved building strong relationships with the local church and the pastors in the area.

As people started to come to faith through the Alpha program we were using, the local churches started to take notice. When disciples started to make other disciples, they were really interested.

Thailand it already a place that puts a strong emphasis on disciple making and helping new disciples grow and train up other disciples. They already have the DNA of disciples making disciples. That has been a real blessing as we have gone forward.

We connected the local church with the Alpha leadership in Bangkok and meetings were set up to meet in the South. We learned then that our Alpha group was the first in Southern Thailand and something the local church in Bangkok and the Alpha leadership had been praying about for years.

The local Alpha team is amazing, true followers of Christ who selflessly give their time and energy to expanding the Kingdom and spreading the Gospel.

As 2019 ended, Alpha came to the South and first did a training for many of our friends in the Thai churches and some others from the surrounding provinces.

This is the first training, where a number of key leaders from the Southern provinces came to learn about Alpha and making disciples.

The leaders around the area caught the vision and we expanded the training to all the lay leaders and cell group leaders in the area.

In total over 100 leaders were trained and over two dozen groups planned for the coming year. We were involved with a number of the initial trainings and it was so good to see that the Thai people were so much better than us and extremely passionate.

This is our second training – where over 100 Thai leaders were trained in Alpha and how to make disciples who make disciples.

It is so good to see the local church catching a vision and allowing the Holy Spirit to birth a movement in their midst.

To date there have been at least one dozen trainings with many coming to faith in provinces as far away as Krabi. This is a movement that cannot be stopped and will continue. With many more groups planned for the coming year and into next year 2021.

Please be praying with us that the Holy Spirit would continue moving and expanding the love and truth of Christ as we go forward

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