International School

Educate the children

Change a Nation

At Go Love Global we understand that a strong foundation is an absolute necessity for long term success in new least-reached locations.

It’s our blessing and privilege to lay this foundation so that more workers can join us here in reaching the lost for Christ.

Over the last four years in South Thailand relationships have been built with the local, regional and national church. Trust has been given and received from both sides and we are working in cooperation to the common goal of advancing the kingdom.

In this time Go Love has identified and started the following ministries:

  1. International Christian School in the heart of South Thailand. This has been a dream come true as we’ve desired to have our children study with a Christian worldview. It’s also been a dream as we seek to allow local children to have an international Christian education. We’ve also seen that when there is an international Christian school in a location there are many more workers willing to call that place home.
  2. Thai house church model with disciples making disciples and churches planting churches.
  3. Movement within Thai churches using the Alpha program to expand churches and give the local churches a tool to ensure disciples are making disciples and there is a repeatable system in place to continue to movement. We have also been using the GORDON method in ensuring believers have the tools to disciples’ others to make disciples.

As we looked around our region; into Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Thailand and into Malaysia we saw that there were a disproportionate number of missionaries in places that were deemed reached. Which is a region where there are more than 10{0d859579a42d1977d1ec370832514fffb3b3aa2867fd0bd3a8c3b7d2c871d74a} evangelical Christians. One thing these places had in common, was that they had an international Christian school.

South Thailand is least-reached, with less than 0.5{0d859579a42d1977d1ec370832514fffb3b3aa2867fd0bd3a8c3b7d2c871d74a} evangelical Christians.

Our desire is that more international workers for Christ choose to make South Thailand their home and begin to reach out to the least-reached people groups here.

We also pray that we can lead and build up local, Thai, Christian children from the local church to international standards allowing them to be the leaders of tomorrow, committed to Christ.

In addition, we pray that our school is such a light in this dark place that non-Christians choose to come learn here and that families are transformed through the changed life of their children.

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